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4D Group Members


I want to understand how and why the developing brain is so diverse, and how this diversity is linked to different cognitive, learning and mental health outcomes.

Dr Duncan Astle
Group Leader

I am interested in the brain mechanism of resilience and how resilience emerges over children, with implications for education and mental health.

Dr Roma Siugzdaite
Research Fellow

I am exploring structural and functional mechanisms of brain development, in struggling learners and those who find learning easier.

Dr Jonathan Jones
Research Fellow

I am interested in how cognitive processes work, and how their development is impacted by socio-economic status, and mental and physical health.

Dr Edwin Dalmaijer
Research Fellow

I am interested in the different domains of resilience at the neural and behavioural levels and how they impact child development and mental health.

Stepheni Uh
PhD student, Gates Scholar

My research involves looking at the interaction between genetic, neural, environmental, and cognitive mechanisms that promote resilience during childhood development.

Tess Smith
PhD student

I'm interested in how the growth of complex brain networks relate to neurodevelopmental trajectories and underlying sub-groupings of disorders.

Dr Danyal Akarca
PhD student

My goal is to understand the environmental mechanisms behind social inequalities in educational and mental health outcomes. 

Giacomo Bignardi
PhD student

My research focuses on modelling and predicting cognitive and neurological development in children, particularly in relation to socioeconomic status.

Alex Anwyl-Irvine
PhD student
Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 00.35.35.png

I study the relationship of neural mechanisms underlying selective attention and working memory, using various methods such as neuroimaging, cognitive training and machine learning.

Mengya Zhang
PhD student

I am interested in using cognitive training paradigms to better understand the boundary conditions of transfer. I’m particularly keen to explore how different taxonomic formulations can be used alongside flexible analytical techniques towards these aims.

Joe Rennie
PhD student
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