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4D Group Members


I want to understand how and why the developing brain is so diverse, and how this diversity is linked to different cognitive, learning and mental health outcomes.

Prof Duncan Astle
Group Leader

I am working on the longitudinal follow-up of the CALM cohort

Dr Silvana Mareva
Research Fellow

I work on bridging computational neuroscience and AI with connectomics, development and understanding organisational principles of neural systems.

Dr Danyal Akarca
Research Fellow

I am interested in causal mechanisms relating genes and brain structure/function with cognition, and how these trajectories change over time, using large open-access neuroimaging datasets with children and adolescents.

Alicja Monaghan
PhD student

My research involves looking at the interaction between genetic, neural, environmental, and cognitive mechanisms that promote resilience during childhood development.

Tess Smith
PhD student

I use computational and experimental methods to investigate structural and functional brain network differences in those with neurodevelopmental conditions like ADHD.

Natalia Zdorovtsova
PhD student
Gabriela Epihova
Research Associate

I am interested in the link between functional and structural brain organisation and plasticity with cognitive abilities.


My role is to support the cohorts at the MRC CBU, in particular I work on the CamCAN and CALM to make sure we maximise access to the data

Tina Emery
Research Associate
IMG_6800 (1).jpg
Sofia Carozza
PhD student

I am interested in the effects of various forms of childhood adversity, especially abuse and neglect, on neurodevelopment and cognitive function.

Maroš .jpeg
Maroš Rovný 
PhD student

My goal is to understand how different neurodevelopmental trajectories influence the organizational and functional properties of biological and, by extension, artificial neural networks. 


I am interested in how the development of diverse brain networks relate to cognition, behaviour, and learning in infancy and early childhood.

Alexa Mousley
PhD student

I am interested in understanding how growing up in an adverse environment — such as chronic poverty or an abusive household — affects children’s brains, behaviour, and mental health. The aim of my research is to identify early markers of risk and resilience and possible targets for mental health interventions.

Maria Vedechkina
PhD student

My research involves looking at whether socio-economic status (SES) and polygenic scores (PGS) relate to educational attainment and whether such relationships are mediated by cognitive ability.

Christian Iordanov
Placement student

Lab Alumni

We are incredibly proud of our past lab members!

Dr Roma Siugzdaite

After completing a post-doc, Roma went back to Ghent University to work on numerical cognition and working memory in children and adults. Mainly focusing on serial order representation in the brain


After completing a postdoc in the lab, Joff joined AstraZeneca as a Senior Statistician in the Data Science team.

Dr Jonathan Jones
Dr Giacomo Bignardi

After completing a PhD and postdoc in the lab, Giacomo secured another postdoc position in the Department of Psychology (Cambridge).

Dr Edwin Dalmaijer

After a postdoc in the lab, Edwin went on to start his lab as PI, at the University of Bristol

Dr Jessica Barnes

Jess completed a postdoc in the lab, before going on to work within the Behavioural Insights team within Government

Erin Hawkins.jfif
Dr Erin Hawkins

Erin completed a postdoc in the lab before going on to work in Government, within the Department for Education

Andria Shimi.jfif
Dr Andria Shimi

After a postdoc in the lab, Andria went on start her own lab as PI, at the University of Cyprus


After completing a postdoc in the lab, Joe went on to run his own group as PI at Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr Joe Bathelt
Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 00.35.35.png
Dr Mengya Zhang

After completing a PhD in the lab, Mengya went on to a postdoctoral fellowship in Shanghai

Dr Alex Anwyl-Irvine

After completing his PhD Alex went on to an exciting career in industry, working for Cambridge Cognition

Dr Joe Rennie

After completing his PhD, Rennie secured a postdoctoral researcher role at the University of Exeter

Sophie Gibbons

Sophie worked in the 4D Lab as a research assistant, as part of the RED project. After she finished, she secured a permanent research role for a company in Oxford


After completing a PhD in the lab, Stephenni completed a fellowship with the first neuroethics think tank, Institute of Neuroethics (IoNx), before starting a job with a global health innovation company specialising in science communications and medical affairs. 

Dr Stepheni Uh
Dr Elia Benhamou

Elia is now working in a tech company building digital solutions for the NHS. 

grace.franckel wbg.png
Grace Frankel
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