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The Centre for Attention, Learning and Memory

The Centre for Attention Learning and Memory (CALM) was established in 2014 to study children with problems in the areas of attention, learning and/ or memory. It is a partnership between multiple groups of researchers and hundreds of families and specialist practitioners. 

The mission was to take a transdiagnostic approach to identifying the cognitive, behavioural, neural and genetic dimensions that underpin a broad range of cognitive difficulties faced in childhood. The end result is one-of-a-kind cohort, with deep phenotyping across multiple levels in 800 children referred by clinical and education specialists, alongside a comparison group of 200 children.

The first phase of data collection was made possible by different research groups working together, under the leadership of Professor Susan Gathercole, and the child-friendly facilities at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. 

The CALM cohort has been essential for much of the work of the 4D research group, with multiple team members using the data in their projects. The core CALM team is led by Head of CALM, Dr Joni Holmes, and they are currently conducting a longitudinal follow-up of the cohort.  

Find out more about the cohort, the data available, the different groups of people that made CALM possible, and how you can get involved here. 

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